Post Construction Cleaning Services In Tampa, FL

More than merely sweeping up dust is involved in the post-construction cleanup. It is essential to have the knowledge and ability to dispose of hazardous materials safely, maintain recently constructed floors and walls, and deal with security issues like unsecured cables or leaks. Our post-construction cleaning services in Tampa, FL, give your freshly built or renovated property a thorough, multi-phase cleaning. We may provide professional cleaning toward the end of the construction phase, addressing any unresolved issues or concerns while ensuring your space is functional and appealing. We can work directly with your contractors.

Make It Easy For You To Appreciate Your New Bespoke Area

To preserve the integrity of previously untouched materials and prepare them for new furniture and décor pieces, Area 360 Cleaning Services offers post-construction cleaning services. Our team can ensure that non-toxic cleaning agents are used to clean these new flooring and walls. We want to ensure that fragile surfaces are handled carefully when properly cleaning and sanitizing them. Concrete and grout residue on tile or brick after masonry work is finished the area a less-than-sanitary appearance. Due to years of cleaning experience, our team has received rigorous training to clean smooth and textured surfaces with care and simplicity.

Detail-Oriented After Construction Cleaning

With our post-construction cleaning services, our experts make sure that your commercial facility sparkles from floor to ceiling. We concentrate on details like light fixtures,  trims, baseboards, horizontal ledges, and more to reduce construction and drywall dust and improve cleanliness. Turn the key off after we’ve finished cleaning, and you can start doing business.

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